Swedish death metal brutes Aeon are back with a new album for the first time in what feels like an actual aeon, but, in reality, has just been nine long years. God Ends Here is the title of the forthcoming fifth album from the quintet, who also debuted a lyric video for the first single, "Church of Horror."

On this new record, which comes out Oct. 15 on Metal Blade, Aeon welcomed back guitarist Daniel Dlimi, who left the group in 2013 following the release of their last album, Aeons Black, which was released in that same year.

It will also be the first album to feature bassist Tony Östman, who joined in 2013, and drummer Janne Jaloma (Dark Funeral, Imperium), who was enlisted in 2020 in the wake of short-time skinsman Timo Häkkinen's departure.

All of this has appeared to rekindle Aeon's creative flame, evidenced by the rampaging "Church of Horror," which condemns the predatory evils and overwhelming number of sexual assault cases by members of the clergy who have hidden behind religion while abusing countless children.

Listen to the song below.

"I have absolutely no interest in just doing the exact same style over and over again. So I did some more ‘epic’ stuff with other influences, like Samael and Emperor and different classical pieces," said guitarist Zeb Nilsson of Aeon's songwriting approach on God Ends Here.

"As we worked on the album I came up with an idea to continue where we left off on Aeons Black. So the first thing on this album is an alternative version of how Aeons Black ended. If were to compare it to something it would be the scene with the Balrog in Lord of the Rings, where in the sequel you continue where the audience were left hanging, but here you get an alternative version or POV of the same thing," he continued.

View the artwork (by Paolo Girardi) and track listing for God Ends Here beneath the "Church of Horror" lyrics video and pre-order your copy of the album here.

Aeon, "Church of Horror"

Aeon, God Ends Here Album Art + Track Listing

Aeon, 'Gods Ends Here'
Metal Blade

01. "The Nihilist"
02. "Liar's Den"
03. "Let It Burn"
04. "Orpheus Indu Inferis"
05. "Church of Horror"
06. "Deny Them Eternity"
07. "Forsaker"
08. "Into the Void"
09. "God Ends Here"
10. "Severed"
11. "Just One Kill"
12. "Mephistopheles"
13. "Let the Torturing Begin"
14. "Despise the Cross"
15. "Overture: Magnum Reginae"
16. "Queen of Lies"

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