The Los Angeles-based sym fera are a duo that makes atmospheric electronic rock music with a mysterious bent befitting their secretive nature.

That's because no one knows who's in the band.

The secrecy makes the act's downtempo anthem "11/8," presented in a cinematic music video symbolically released on Nov. 8, all the more intriguing.

Listen to the song and see the haunting, Jakub Blank-directed video down toward the bottom of this post.

The eerie clip gives no clue as to the duo's identity. And the group has only shared shadowy live photos of themselves online. Last year, they premiered another single, "Little Things," with Rolling Stone. Beyond that, little about sym fera is known.

In a statement shared with Loudwire, the duo say "11/8" is about "what it feels like to be a human mind that has been hacked by social media. The paranoia, a manufactured, grandiose identity. The way it turns human psychology into a product to be bought and feasted upon by the highest bidder. We all know that no matter how much we pour ourselves into it, it never really becomes a complete picture of who we are.

"We're chasing true connection while running from complete exposure," they continue, "and one cannot be had without the other. So, we're running toward something and away from it at the same time, and we never really capture what we chase or escape what chases us. Strangely, we all kind of know this feeling, of trying to be everything and nothing all at once."

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sym fera, "11/8" Music Video

sym fera, "11/8" Lyrics

Say, have I lost my way? Say, have I lost my way? Say, have I lost my way? Say, have I lost my way?

They know I've lost my way sharp beaks, empty veins carrion/carry on at the feast see how they price me

Penny for your thoughts and a pound for your flesh

Say, have I lost my way? (x4)
I am a god and a slave
A particle and a wave
I am what you want me to be Uncanny valley

Penny for your thoughts and a pound for your flesh
No, not a bit more Not a bit less

Say, have I lost my way?

Penny for your thoughts (for your thoughts)
And a pound (and a pound) for your flesh (for your flesh)
No, not a bit more (not a bit more), not a bit less (oh, not a bit less)

Say, have I lost my way

sym fera, "11/8" Single Art

sym fera
sym fera

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