Potty Talk - Kid Contemplates His Diet While on the Throne
Some of mankind's greatest thoughts and sadly some of our biggest regrets have all come from the bathroom. There's something about the solitude and time spent upon the throne that lends itself to self examination and intuitive thought. It also give you the time to really think about your d…
Woman Thinks Subway Is Her Private Bathroom … Seriously
Even those of us who don't reside in a major city know that subways are not the cleanest places in the world. But one woman has apparently made it her mission to make sure NO ONE will ever mistake the New York City subway train for what it really is: a vile, stinky, moving germ bomb ready to gi…
Urinals for Women Could Be Coming Soon
Currently, men have twice the options as women when it comes to public restrooms and, as a result, shorter lines. Danish design company UiWE wants to change that with the Polle, a four-pronged female urinal that allows women to relieve themselves in a semi-squat position.