Removing a Huge Hornet Nest [VIDEO]
There's something incredibly satisfying about watching this video, especially if you've ever been stung by a hornet, bee, wasp of other flying insect. Everyone knows that hornets are mother natures dicks. They're pure evil and are ruthless in their pursuit to chase and sting anyone or anything that …
17 Ridiculously Cute Moths (Yes, Moths)
Generally speaking, we think of moths as the unsettling, night-flying creepster cousin of the butterfly. But *look* at this Emperor Gum Moth! It is at least as cute as a candid shot of a dog. At least. So we scrounged up some more pictures of moths cute enough that we probably wouldn't scream i…
Man Dies After Winning Roach-Eating Contest
Well, it's finally happened -- someone died after gorging themselves in an eating contest. But here's the kicker: The 32-year-old man in question passed away after scarfing down dozens of roaches and worms. Ick! Why couldn't it have been something tasty like hot dogs or buffalo wings?