Scooter’s Coffee in Lawton is Now Open!
I guess I should be paying better attention. I've drove past it a few times over the past several weeks and missed it somehow. The ALL NEW Scooter's Coffee is open in Lawton! They're located on, or near the corner of Gore Blvd. and Sheridan Road.
Scooter’s Coffee is Coming to Lawton, Fort Sill!
There's a new business coming to Lawton, Fort Sill, get ready for Scooter's Coffee! If you've past through the intersection of Sheridan Road and Gore Boulevard lately you may have seen the sign on the corner "Scooter's Coffee COMING SOON!"
Starbucks Building West Side Location on 82nd Street
If you've been on the west side of town lately on 82nd street you've probably seen all the construction work going on in front of Target. We've been speculating what's being built and the rumors we've been hearing are true, it's going to be a new Starbucks.
The Starbucks Christmas Cup Controversy Continues [VIDEO]
While I don't really understand the whole Starbucks Christmas cup controversy, this guy in the video makes some fantastic points about political correctness and the current state of our country when it comes to freedom of religion and speech. I still think we have far more important topics we c…
Dramatic Scenes of Sugar Being Added to Coffee [VIDEO]
This has to be the most dramatic video of sugar being added to coffee I've ever seen. Being a straight black, no sugar kind of guy I had no ideal that adding sugar to coffee was this amazing, more so in slow motion and with the proper soundtrack! I don't like the way it tastes, but it sure…
The Kim Kardashian Coffee Maker [VIDEO]
Introducing the all new Kim Kardashian coffee maker! This thing does it all from coffee, tea, espresso to hot chocolate! Just pop in a KK-cup and hit brew, it's that easy. Unlike the Keurig the Kardashian comes with an extra large craft, because size does matter...

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