Harry Potter Dog is Man’s Best Friend! [VIDEO]
This dog does an amazing Harry Potter impression that's unbelievable! It must have taken years of disciplined training and hard work for this K-9 to mimic in absolute perfection the beloved wizard of Hogwarts. It's spellbinding in it's simplicity and sure beauty... MAGNIFICENT!
Dog Tries Wearing Snow Boots for the First Time
Having 2 dogs myself and seeing first hand how bad the snow and ice is on their paws I might have to invest in some of these. I've seen the boots for dogs that they can wear on sidewalks and asphalt, so I guess it was only at matter of time before someone started making snow and ice boots.
Pet Patrol Returns to Townsquare Media!
We care about the animals in our area, and are committed to help with getting the word out for adoptable animals in all of the area shelters.  We will be sharing event information and profiles of some wonderful forever friends.
awton Animal Welfare's Two Hearts Adoptathon, which is held on the First …
Smart Dog Will Fetch His Brother on Command [VIDEO]
There's a reason they're called man's best friend! Watch this smart dog named Jack go and fetch his brother for his owner. I could use a dog like that, mine dog is always running off or trying to escape the yard. Seems like I'm always chasing after her or having to fetch her myse…
Amazing Dog A Natural Therapy Pet
In the world of sports, athletes who can play the game well, seemingly easy and with little or no training are called "naturals". In the world of animal therapy, Nala the poodle from St. Paul, Minnesota is a "natural".
Every day, Doug Dawson heads to his job at the…
Bicyclists Finds Puppy on Bike Ride and Takes it Home
WARNING: Cuteness overload! A bicyclist was out on a ride and found a puppy in a box abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. He took it home and helped find it a forever home. A good guy and I bet by the time someone steps forward to take the dog he'll rethink it and decide …
This napping Pug is Cooling Off in a Bucket of Water Snoring
This is one cool dog, literally! We've been waiting for Summer and the heat to get here after all the rains. It finally shown up, with a vengeance. With temperatures in the 100's anyway you can cool off is welcomed. This pug has the right ideal, it found a bucket of water to lay in and from the snor…

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