Drag Racing

The 405 Return Tonight on Street Outlaws Mega Cash Days!
The 405 are back tonight on Street Outlaws "Mega Cash Days." It's been awhile since we've seen the OKC team in action and this evening at 8:00pm CST on the Discovery Channel we'll get the magnificent return of the fastest street racing cars in the Nation!
Street Outlaws Mega Cash Days the 405 Are Back!
The wait is almost over! It seems like it's been forever since we've seen the 405 in action but this Monday Night (01-11-21) on Discovery Channel they're back with the new season of Street Outlaws "Mega Cash Days." The original, fastest and best Street Outlaws of OKC will be…
The Farmtruck is Back!
The king of the sleepers is back on the streets of OKC, hail to the king baby! Farmtruck and AZN got in some test hits recently as they prepare for the upcoming season of Street Outlaws. I can't wait to see the 405 back in action and the Farmtruck fishin' and battling on the list. I love t…
Visiting FNA Firehouse & Midwest Street Cars in OKC
This past weekend the wife and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary by making a trip to OKC to visit the FNA Firehouse and Midwest Street Cars. If you watch Street Outlaws on Discovery Channel you know exactly what I'm talking about. We're both BIG FANS of the 405 and couldn't th…
Smart Car Vs Mustang on the Drag Strip [VIDEO]
It could be the ultimate sleeper! Check out this blown smart car ripping down the track with the fronts off the ground taking out a Ford Mustang. It's bad enough to get beat on the track, it's even worse when it's a pregnant roller skate that takes you out!
The World’s Fastest Digger [VIDEO]
When it comes to earthmovers there's only one that holds the world speed record reaching speeds up to 115mph with a 1300hp blown 572 big block Chevy. The JCB-GT is one seriously bad a** backhoe! Recently it was entered into the Guinness World Records as the fastest backhoe in the world.
The World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter [VIDEO]
Behold the world's fastest mobility scooter! This thing can run the quarter mile at speeds reaching 100mph. The crazy gear heads at Garage Insanity put this together using a 600cc motor, why? Why the hell not! If I were a senior citizen in need of a scooter I'd definitely get in contact with them. W…
Amazing Drag Racing Explosion [VIDEO]
While I enjoy all forms of auto racing, quarter mile is where it's at! I love drag racing, from street rods to top fuel there's nothing like it. There's something about point A to point B in a big hurry that puts a big smile on my face. Recently at the 2014 Circle K NHRA Winternationals driver Ron C…