Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Smooth Guitar Swap! [VIDEO]
Hands down the smoothest guitar swap in live music history! Stevie Ray Vaughan was truly a guitar virtuoso! Watch as he breaks a string during a live performance, signals the guitar tech and makes a quick swap without missing a beat. Showing once again why he was a six string God!
Fender Stratocaster Made of Cardboard [VIDEO]
A challenge was issued to Cardboard Chaos to build a guitar out of cardboard. Not just any guitar, a Fender Stratocaster! Cardboard Chaos have built all kinds of things out of paper and cardboard, but never a guitar. They teamed up with master builders at Fender for the project with amazing results.
See What it’s Like to Work at a Music Store [VIDEO]
Get a rare behind the scenes look at what it's like to work at a music store. I've often wondered what it must be like and know I know. Sure it seems like the perfect job especially if you're a musician, but like most jobs there are hidden drawbacks.

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