Since 2020 is the year of firsts, lets chalk another first up to Texas. A dangerously fatal brain eating amoeba has found its way into Texas drinking water system in a small Mayberry town called Lake Jackson. It's already claimed the life of one child, and worse yet, the "best case scenario" plans to fix this problem are laid out over the next six months. Imagine losing city water for half a year.

The problem started near the end of September when a six-year old boy died having experienced the tell-tale signs. As rare as it is, the question became "Where did it come from?" Being a coastal town, and the fact this amoeba lives in warm bodies of water as well as moist soil, you'd assume it came from somewhere he had swam... but when officials tested the water in the house out of the faucet, they found the parasite. They've also found the same results across many testing areas of town.

Talk about a fear that could rival that of the rona...

The city is taking steps to combat this as much as possible. Other area towns are pitching in to make sure everyone has clean water to drink, brush their teeth with, etc... even though the science says it would be rare to catch a brain-case by drinking the water. As far as they know, in the history of this particular amoeba, it's only contracted when you splash contaminated water into your nasal passage.

The Texas governor has issued a state of emergency for the area affected, and some 27,000 residents are now living in a world where they can't shower without risking a terrible fate.

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