Living in SWOK, we're no stranger to wildfires. With the wildlife refuge in our own back yard, we see these every few years. In the worlds largest forest though, it happens more often.

The big headline online is "The Amazon Is On Fire, And The Media Isn't Talking About It."

It's inflammatory and written in a way to make you feel that urgency of putting it out... but here's the truth. There's at least one fire in the Amazon basin at any point in time throughout the history of this place. Why? Because it's a forest. Fire is how they survive. It's a natural part of nature. Also, the Amazon is astonishingly massive in size. It's going to burn when lightning strikes anywhere with enough dead fuel for it to consume.

Sounds logical right? But there's a rub...

As more and more people, including those at the top of the Brazilian government, slowing grow the opinion that the Amazon is a resource for the logging industry, these "natural" wildfires are slowly happening more often, with stunning increase in frequency.

Does that mean there are baddies in the mix trying to cut down this amazing forest? Maybe. Truth is, nobody knows. We just know that what's happening in Brazil could be natural or not. And truth be told, the forest will most likely be gone before someone finally has proof.

Also, stop saying the Amazon is the worlds lungs. That's not true. Sure, it produces enough oxygen for the entire world in a day, but none of that oxygen makes it out of the Amazon basin. That's just the way the weather works. It's a beautiful place that deserves to be left alone, but don't interject fake news into doing that. Do the good work, honest.

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