Oh to be young and live on dollar gas station hot dogs again. Sometimes, the worst thing you'll do each month is log on and check your bank account. You think, we'll I haven't bought much, I should have x-amount in there only to realize you forgot about all those little purchases online that add up to a surprising amount collectively. It happens to the best of us.

Easy solution? Stop spending money on stuff that isn't rent/mortgage, bills, groceries, or gas. You'd be amazed how much you spend on eating out and probably don't even realize it. Even if you spend $10 a day on a cheap quick lunch on workdays only, that's about $2500/year. Take a sack lunch with you. It'll be hard at first, I know this first hand, but after a week or two, it's the new norm. That way, when you do see something that you can't live without, you won't have to check your bank account to see if you can.


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