Odds are, if you're hoarding far more toilet paper than you realistically need, not only are you a gullible mess of a worthless human, you're helping create what could be a sticky situation.

First and foremost, I think it's been pretty well established that humans are stupid. We panic at the first sight of strange new territory. A pandemic. And you know all it took was that one guy that bought a ton of TP making another instantly think "Oh no, I should buy a pallet of TP too!" Then the flood gates released, and all of a sudden I'm going through my small collection of mismatched socks. It's crazy.

Here's the other thing that's happening. When you start to buy so much that you create a shortage for others, everyone starts buying up whatever they can whether they need it or not.

Case and point, there have been so many firearm sales that the US background check service NICS as some point took a slight fall down a cliff for a bit. People are once again gouging prices on ammunition and accessories to the neckbeards that are hoarding all of it.

Why? What does it have to do with TP and bottled water?

Well here's the thing, you can get all the TP and bottled water you want from a hoarder with a firearm. That's literally the mindset of the close-to-the-cliff panic buyers right now.

Does that mean every firearm owner in the nation is going to go to war and take your TP? No... That's just the mindset of those buying up the goods at the moment. If it comes to that later, they'll be the ones that thought ahead to such a devoid scenario and can skip right to putting mud tires on passenger cars and dressing down in leathers for a little Oklahoma Thunderdome action.

Does that mean firearm purchasers are evil? No. It's not like you can wipe yourself with a Glock... Taurus? Absolutely... but not the perfection of a Glock. It just means these people are just like you, hoarding what they can before a shortage digs in, knowing exactly where they can find your stash.

If you know someone that has been acting like a stupid human, let them know they are stupid. Odds are, they aren't smart enough to figure it out.

Stop hoarding goods and food. Buy what you need, leave the rest, and for the sake of humanity, the next person that puts TP and canned goods on Facebook Marketplace for profit is getting pistol whipped.

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