Not having fans in the stands is going to hit every NFL owner in the wallet, but none more so than Jerry Jones.

According to Forbes, the Cowboys stand to lose a whopping $77 million per game without having fans in the stands. To put that in perspective, that’s almost twice as much as the team who stands to lose the second most amount of money, the New England Patriots. Robert Kraft’s franchise will lose $39 million each game.

Here are the five teams that will lose the most revenue without fans in the stands:

Dallas Cowboys - $77 million per game

New England Patriots - $39 million per game

New York Giants - $32 million per game

Houston Texans - $27 million per game

New York Jets - $27 million per game

The loss of a revenue is the result of a combination of loss of ticket sales, concessions, parking and merchandise.

Only two teams allowed fans in the stands in Week 1, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams only allowed a limited number of fans.

While Jerry Jones had said in the past that he planned to allow fans in the stadium for games, he said the plan was to "play it by ear and see how it goes." However, coach Mike McCarthy recently revealed the plan is to allow about 25 percent of capacity for the home opener against the Falcons.

That should help ease the pain, but you know it’s still going to hurt tremendously.

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