When the news broke that Oklahoma's future automaker might not even make it out of the gate due to funding, most people just carried on living their lives as normal. It's understandable.

Oklahoma isn't the friendliest state to electric vehicles from the top down. We have an enormous oil and gas industry here and politicians have everyone concerned that it's a threat to that industry. As long as electricity is created by burning fossil fuels, EV's aren't the green-energy clean machines the left coast has everyone convinced they are.

Governor Stitt has tried to attract an auto manufacturer from the EV industry for a few years now. There was his famous industrial flirt with Elon Musk over a new Tesla Cybertruck assembly plant, but as everyone else saw from a million miles away, Musk opted for Austin as their new home.

Not to catch the old banana in the tailpipe again, Stitt and the Oklahoma government rallied behind the $300million bid to attract another EV manufacturer, Canoo.

Even though this story is pretty old at this point, it amazes me how many people are clueless about it. It's a vehicle manufacturer that could call Oklahoma home... if they don't go bankrupt before reaching the point of actual manufacturing operations.

If you haven't seen the vehicles Canoo has purpose-designed to instantly flow into normal operation, they're unique and rumored to be one of the first "affordable" EVs on the market. Check 'em out.

The EV Models From Oklahoma's Automaker Canoo

Just about the time you suspect you're living in the final future of any vehicle design, someone comes along and tosses a wrench into the general expectations. In the same way that everyone almost universally hates the looks when GM pushes out a new redesign, acceptance has been pretty hot/cold with Canoo. Initial plans are to offer three different vehicles for now, with others to follow.

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