Mathcore may be the stupidest subgenre name ever conceived (at least tied with the likes of “pornogrind” and "crabcore"). And yet, when one first hears the abrasive technicality of The Dillinger Escape Plan, pre-existing labels are hard to apply to the band's sound.

Fronted for the majority of their career by vocalist Greg Puciato and masterminded by guitarist Ben Weinman, for close to two decades the ever-revolving band delivered a steady burst of hard, exciting music. They gave a needed reminder that extreme music needs no boundaries, able to weave together moments of beauty, discord, groove and every possible emotion through their music.

In terms of their output, there are no bad albums though some have more effect than others. Thus, we looked at their discography and ranked each disc from weakest to strongest, though one can't go wrong listening to any of them.

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