William "Wullie" Buchan, drummer for punk legends the Exploited, has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. The Exploited notified their fans of the health issue via Facebook, while singer Walter "Wattie" Buchan waits at the hospital for word on his brother’s condition.

Heart issues seem to run in the Buchan family, as Wattie suffered a heart attack onstage with the Exploited in 2014. The heart attack took place in Portugal, while Wattie was hospitalized a second time in 2017 for a “very serious heart condition” while in Belgium. According to the band, Wattie “almost died” from his 2017 scare.

“Sending best wishes to Wullie Buchan,” Wattie wrote on Facebook. “our drummer and my brother who had a heart attack last night. now in hospital waiting to see what's happening next with him.”

A year ago, the Exploited continued touring despite the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The punk band successfully performed in New Zealand from March 13-15 before being forced to cancel their dates in Australia later in the month.

"Fuck coronavirus!” Wattie originally said. “I have had 5 heart attacks a quad heart bypass and a heart pacemaker fitted. Cancel gigs for a virus? We ain’t fucking Green Day piss - We are the real deal. No danger will we be cancelling our upcoming gigs. Punks Not Dead!"

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