Hurricane Irene


Hurricane Irene has apparently been busy. Not only is the storm barreling toward the East Coast, she's joined Twitter in the form of a parody account, reminiscent of the Bronx Zoo Cobra. The storm has also been inspiring comedians, who are coping with the impending disaster in joke form.

Check out our favorite Hurricane Irene tweets below:


I am getting stronger as we speak. Just did chest and triceps. Protein shake. Hoping to get to a category 4 by early tomorrow morning.


It's so obvious The @WeatherChannel is pro hurricane. Fair and balanced my ass.


I was going to make a hurricane joke but I couldn't think of one that didn't blow.


East Coast Residents: As a media professional, I assure you it's OK to stand outside in a hurricane as long as you're holding a microphone.


Many businesses along the east coast have already boarded up their windows. Not because of the hurricane though. Because of the recession.


Obama is in negotiations with Hurricane Irene. Irene has agreed to Cat 2 status but Obama suggests Cat 3 and reductions in Medicare.


I keep seeing tweets about Hurricanes today. You East Coast people sure do get excited about fancy drinks on a Friday.


Ryan Gosling attempts to thwart hurricane armed with only a rare Iron and Wine import CD and attaché case full of vintage sunglasses.


Hopefully the cast of “Jersey Shore” will decide to go surfing.


Somewhere, somehow, the Scorpions are hoping this leads to an East Coast tour.