Do you sleep on the right side of the bed, or the left side of the bed?  When I was single, it really didn't matter because I usually slept in the middle of the bed with my little Yorkie on either side of me.  Now that I'm married, this was a huge debate for us. First, the bed was pushed all the way against the wall, that meant whoever slept on the right side of the bed had to actually climb over the left side sleeper (me).  No bueno!  Add to that that both us get up multiple times a night, and there wasn't much sleeping going on, or at least good sleep.

When we moved into the new house, we made sure that we were going to solve that problem once and for all, so we made sure that there were 'lanes' on both sides of the bed.  For some unknown reason, we decided to change sides of the bed.  Big, mistake...Huge!  I cannot sleep on my left side for more that just a little while, I have sleep apnea, and it's much worse if I sleep on my left side (right side of the bed).  James has a shoulder issue and cannot sleep on his right side.  Why on earth we thought we could is beyond me! Maybe it was Dakota's suggestion.  Who knows! We changed sides two sleepless nights later and all is right with the world.  Of course we had to change our dressers too, but that's another story.

So, is there a better side to sleep on? Well some researchers say that sleeping on the right side (I do) helps to reduce back and neck pain, but could lead to heartburn.  Left sleepers could be aiding in digestion and better gut health. Some recommend starting out on your left to reduce the chance of heartburn, then switching to the right side. We all know that getting enough sleep in critical for your health and well being, but really who knew that what side you sleep on could affect body functions and health as well!

Tell us how you sleep.  Left, Right, Center, on the Couch, in the guest room. It's just a quick poll, and we really want to know!

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