"We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twister Sister has become a go-to-anthem for Ukrainians fighting against the Russians... but it's not about war. (Dee Snider conceived the song for angsty 80's teens who just "wanna rock!") But there are many, many Rock + Metal tunes written to protest military conflict and all the horrors and injustices that go along with it.

As the '60's youth became more socially-conscious, so did the rock music that catered to it. Fears of nuclear war were top of mind on the heels of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the scourge of the Vietnam War that was just beginning.  Bands music and lyrics started to reflect the worries of young men (and their families) who were being drafted and heading off to fight.  In the years that followed music was a force that galvanized anti-war movements in their plight.

Should Politics Be Kept Out of Metal?

Today we see bands using their influence to support the people of Ukraine, by canceling shows or raising funds or simply by speaking out.  But let's look back on some of the most famous music that defines anti-war and protest songs, below.

The Most Famous Anti-War Songs in Rock + Metal

Tunes that stood up for peace.

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