An Iron Maiden coloring book — indeed, The Official Iron Maiden Coloring Book — will emerge this Christmas, giving metalheads everywhere a great way to be colorfully creative over the holiday break. It's available to pre-order now.

That means Iron Maiden fans everywhere will be able to recreate, say, the cover of 1984's Powerslave in whatever new hues they desire. Pretty cool, right?

See samples down toward the bottom of this post.

Touted as the only 100-percent official collection of Iron Maiden images to color in, the book features 25 classic designs and album art from the band's catalog.

"Coloring has significant health benefits," the coloring book's back cover states, "including mindfulness, relaxation and increased focus, and can provide many hours of creative enjoyment. Allow your imagination to run wild, unleash your artistic skills using pens, pencils and paint, and enjoy the satisfaction of coloring in a selection of awesome Iron Maiden artwork."

Collectively, coloring books for metal bands aren't unheard of — in the recent past, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Megadeth, Thin Lizzy and others have had official coloring books released of their artwork.

Last month, Iron Maiden released Senjutsu. The album contains the singles "The Writing on the Wall" and "Stratego." On Oct. 31, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson will launch a new podcast with psychologist Dr. Kevin Dutton called Psycho Schizo Espresso. Maiden founder Steve Harris' British Lion project recently dropped off a tour with The Darkness.

Pre-order The Official Iron Maiden Coloring Book at

The Official Iron Maiden Coloring Book Samples

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