Everything in life is cyclical. Think about how fashion trends come and go, then randomly come again. Typically, people generally thing there's about a fifteen year swing on most things. Since JNCO's are in style again, I guess we have to assume that 15 year cycle is practically science at this point. But fashion is such a poor way to label trends... Style and trends are more than clothes. It's how all things look and sound driven typically by each generations youth. If they adopt a trend, it's a trend. If they don't, it's just the same pair of white New Balance shoes your dad wears anytime he's not at work.

So the Rick Roll is back in style. I thought it may be coming back a few weeks ago. I think it was at Comic Con that the first big RRoll in a long time happened, and judging by how you see them everywhere again, it's safe to say some of us older young adults woke up back in style today. It's a good thing, but take it easy on the Rick Rolling. It's trending, that doesn't mean drive it into the ground. Be cool about it this time around.

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