While I'd like to lead into this little blurb assuming you'll know what I'm talking about, I have enough clarity at the moment to figure you most likely won't have any clue this place existed. Hailed as "the smallest museum in Oklahoma," the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry has always existed in the smallest little garden shed in a town you've probably never heard of... Locust Grove.

Locust Grove is a tiny little Mayberry up in Northeastern Oklahoma, though, if you've ever been to Rocklahoma in the past fourteen years, odds are you've seen a sign for it somewhere along the way. It has two claims to fame... The first being the clearest water lake in the entire state and the other is the ROMP. A tiny little museum dedicated to all sorts of vintage Oklahoma things and poetry.

Technically, it's a non-profit organization that aims to help anyone and everyone experience their own bit of poetry. A very lost art these days among, well, almost everyone under the age of forty. In the machismo driven culture of being "cool" on social media, leading lives online we would never live in person, poetry these days is considered dainty and feminine, but that's far from the truth. I enjoy a little bit of poetry... Not so much the grand gesture romantic type of the art form, but more random haiku's and the occasional limerick for the sake of a laugh.

For the last eight years, the ROMP has existed in a tiny little garden shed giving it its claim to tiny fame, but the number of visitors and volunteers has grown to a level that will see this little idea grow into a bigger space. Will it still be the smallest museum in Oklahoma? That remains to be seen, but while it is currently closed (seasonal, not rona related), the new doors to the ROMP will reopen in March at their new location on Main Street in downtown Locust Grove. Hazaa.

If it sounds like a neat day trip to take this coming spring, here is the website.

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