Let's just pretend like NCAA Football doesn't play politics, and they'll recognize OSU when it comes to bowl season. These are last weeks epic highlights!

Let me just get this off my chest. We elected to rid NCAAFB of the BCS because it didn't work. It made all the money it was designed to, but it left great teams off the list due to flawed variables in the algorithm. No big deal, it's done, we have something better... or so we thought.

One thing the BCS computers didn't do is place teams by hype. That's what the AP and Coaches polls were for... but that's all we have now. Then, at the end of the season, we have a 13 person committee responsible for placing our final Top 25 teams. Obviously the top four make the championship playoff. That's the problem with the new system.

Instead of letting hard work pay off, the league is (so far) accepting hype as the currency for placement. How in the world can you explain two losing teams ranked higher than four other undefeated teams? Alabama and Notre Dame both have losses this year, and they're both sitting in the top 4.

At least Notre Dame lost to an actual opponent, Clemson. And their schedule, while light, has had some actual games in there. Unlike Alabama, who lost to Ole Miss - aka - an unranked opponent.

Going a step further, how in the world has Ohio State stayed at the top of the list this year? Sure, they're undefeated... but they haven't played anybody this season. Literally, the teams they have played are nobodies in the athletic department. Not a single ranked opponent this year, and they've remained number one until they recently fell to number three for this exact reason... Still, un-ranked, and one spot below one-loss Alabama.

All hype surrounding these three teams is the only thing keeping them in the talk for our first NCAA Football playoff, and that's complete BS.

Sure, I'd like to see our Big 12 see a game in the playoff's, but who are we going to send?

Baylor? They haven't played anyone either, yet.
TCU? Um, they got whipped last week by OSU. They're out.
OU? Taking a big loss to an unranked Texas cost them that chance.
OSU? Even when the Cowboys ran a No. 2 ranked season, NCAAFB left them off the table for a title shot, and we watched one of the most boring BCS Championship games in history for it.

I guess we'll just have to let the sportswriters hype for over-ranked teams decide who will take top honors this year... All the same, I guess we could rally behind the Big 12's last hope, and push our Cowboys into the top 4. Lord knows the Sooners ain't making it.

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