Just in time for some serious Winter fishing weather, Medicine Creek in the heart of Medicine Park has just been restocked with trout. Maybe this will be the weekend you finally decide to go explore what SWOK has to offer. Fishing is a great activity when they're biting, and it'll keep your kiddos occupied for a couple of hours. Mix in the local eats and sights, a Saturday in Medicine Park might be just what you need to break up your February.

Now I've never fished for trout, but having watched it from the perspective of a bass guy, it looks like fun. The best part is, you don't need a bunch of fancy gear to get started. That's not to say you can't pop up to OKC and buy a $1000 bamboo fly rod today... but it's unnecessary. Most trout in Oklahoma is caught with cheap spinning combos. The kind of tackle you can pick up with a bait/lure kit for under $20 at Walmart or Academy. Watch the video below, then get out there for a few hours.

As a gentle reminder, you'll need an Oklahoma fishing license, found here...

And is some additional information Medicine Creek.

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