Want to feel old, emo kids? The Used have been a band for nearly 20 years and their eighth album, Heartwork, is coming this year. To celebrate two decades of love and death, we invited the Used to our studio so they could watch and react to their classic music videos.

We started singer Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard and drummer Dan Whitesides on “The Taste of Ink” and “Buried Myself Alive” from the band’s debut album. Both Bert and Jeph simulated near-death experiences for the video, which freaked out both band members. “I was really locked in that coffin and they actually buried myself alive. It was sketchy, I don’t like it,” McCracken recalls.

“One version of this, we had me die in it,” the bassist adds about his water stunt. “[The box] filled all the way up to the top. I was literally locked in a full glass tank.”

The Used’s biggest mainstream hit came in 2004 with “All That I’ve Got” and the song’s storybook music video. Revisiting the clip, Bert wasn’t sure if he still liked the video, but Dan expressed his fandom of the Marc Webb creation.

The band also watched their creepy “The Bird and the Worm” flick, remembering that the shoot actually got Bert sick. “The first day, we shot for like 12 1/2 - 13 hours. We got back to the hotel at like two in the morning and I ordered pizza and I got tons of beers and I think I made Dan stay and get really drunk with me, so I slept like zero and had to be back there at five in the morning to shoot, the singer describes. “That whole place was freezing cold. I remember how fucking sick I got after that.”

Watch the Used react to their classic music videos in the clip above and click here to pre-order Heartwork.

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