What better way to spend a Wednesday than with the Winery Dogs! The electrifying trio are ramping up to the Aug. 4 release of their Dog Years: Live in Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016 collection and they've teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the premiere of their live performance of "Elevate" from the upcoming release.

Watch the nimble fretboard mastery of Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan, while Mike Portnoy shows his prowess behind the kit. It's a blistering track with a killer bass breakdown for Sheehan midway through and ample space for Kotzen to noodle away with a solo of his own before Portnoy drives it home to the finish.

"Playing live with The Winery Dogs is one of my favorite things in the world! We had a blast at this show," Sheehan tells Loudwire, while Kotzen adds, "One of the really interesting things in watching this show is how you can see the progression of the band. Years ago we filmed and released a DVD of our second show which was in Japan. Having played over 100 live shows and then filming in Santiago years later, if you with both shows back to back, you really notice how the band grew as a musical entity. We were fortunate to have such an enthusiastic crowd to play in front of in Chile. There is nothing like a great crowd to fuel the band’s performance!"

Dog Years: Live in Santiago and Beyond 2013-2016 is an all encompassing set that features a 100-minute concert taped in Santiago, eight music videos and the band's Dog Years EP. You can pre-order it in standard and deluxe editions or look for the release on Aug. 4 via Loud & Proud Records.

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