What happened with Bring Me the Horizon on their new album, amo? We explored that discussion a little bit here, but we're not the only ones. The Word Alive's Telle Smith has weighed in on the band's reinvention, rocking with a poppier sound, and voiced his support for what Oli Sykes and company have done, while also calling out the music listening public for their role in the evolution of a variety of acts.

The vocalist started his discussion with a broader talk on Twitter about the blurred lines of genres late Thursday evening (Jan. 24).

"I told you genres are dead," started Smith, adding, "Hopefully now everybody can shut the fuck up & like what you like. Bring on the musical revolution, where your favorite band can be a 'hit shuffle' playlist of every mood & emotion."

He continues, "People asked how streaming would impact music most, this is it. You stopped buying music. You stopped supporting artists. You wanted quantity over quality, or at least you thought you did. Consumption is up, but spread out to millions of artists. So what did you think would happen? That itch to experiment in every artist has awoken. There’s no box you can fit an artist into that they won’t inevitably break out of. Whether it’s Queen, The Beatles, Metallica or all the way to Twenty One Pilots, Bring Me the Horizon etc there comes a time in music where artists ignore the formula of doing what they are told."

Continuing the talk early Friday (Jan. 25), Smith then directly addressed Bring Me the Horizon and their poppier sound. "To everybody saying the new Bring Me The Horizon is pop... If this shit is what I hear on the radio I’m down. But POP just is short for popular and that’s what they deserve ... Annnd it’s so much more than that." The singer offered that the amo album offers such standout tracks as "Mother Tongue," "Heavy Metal," "Medicine" and "Wonderful Life," showing the broad strokes that the group is working with at this point.

The Word Alive singer then concluded his discussion, adding, "Also as long as we have @Architectsuk being one of the best heavy bands ever quit fucking complaining. Bang your heads to them, bang your heads to @ArianaGrande, bang your heads to @sigurros, bang your heads to @themaine and @TheWordAlive will always be there too."

What's your take? Do you view Bring Me the Horizon's reinvention as a good thing? Get in on the discussion in the comments section.

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