What started out as a little light Canadian fun has transformed into a worldwide contest of skill and fantasy. They call it fast-draw, but quick-draw is what America knows it as... So it shall now be known as quick-draw all across the world, 'Merica.

Apparently, it's so much fun that even Japan is getting in on the action, even though they have a complete ban on all firearms, they make do with plastic airsoft Colts...

which, to be fair, is probably more problematic than just following the traditions of our Great White Northern neighbors... While they technically use real guns, they're shooting blanks. It's the unburnt powder than actually pops their balloons.

If you want to see what it really looks like, here's some good old fashioned American greatness for you.

And in the spirit of being fair and balanced... Here's a little American quick-draw failure.

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