Imagine for a second... You live in a trendy area of your ideal city. The apartments are new, rent is cheap, amenities are plentiful, and everyone wants to live there. You get to strut around like you've 'arrived' because you're living, as they say, your best life. Then reality hits you in the ear canal when your eccentric artsy neighbor starts jamming away on a theremin - AKA - the most annoying 'instrument' in the world, that shouldn't really be called an 'instrument' because it's just electronic noise.

Does the humble yet irritating theremin deserve a home? Sure. In Hollywood. Where everything else is fake. Because it's not an instrument.

Long diatribe, I know. But you had to see this and share it with your friend. It's captivating. You hate how it sounds, but you can't turn it off. You're welcome.

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