I know, as fans of guitar legends, a lot of good musicians get hyped up to be 'The Next' something or other, but this dude can slay! He's not just a great musician, he is the music.

Meet Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram, an 18-ish year old guitar picker from Clarksville, Mississippi. If you haven't done it yet, hit play on the video above and just let it role. The Kingfish can play, he can sing, and he does it with that pure raw emotion most greats lose after finding success.

This dude has played all across America at various festivals. He's played with signed artists as both a member and a guest in their tracks. He has had several features on TV segments. He's even played at the White House, yet, fans still really don't know much about it. Even his Wikipedia page is pretty vague on his details.

You just keep this in mind when someone finally releases his Kraken in a studio somewhere and presses out a record. It'll probably be the either the biggest highlight or failure of this dudes life, though, I hope this dude finds all success he desires outside of the Delta blues clubs.

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