When it comes to Star Wars, in terms of love and hate, fans are a little closer to the middle than they used to be. That's probably because Disney has done some solid flicks over the years trying to repair what George Lucas did in his final trilogy.

Rogue One was an absolutely fantastic movie, Solo was enjoyable, The Last Jedi was great, and The Force Awakens was adequate. The Mandalorian (Boba Fett's movie) is looking like it'll probably be a solid step in a good direction. And now fans are just hoping Disney green-lights an Obi-Wan story starring Ewan McGregor. As it seems more and more far away and less-likely to happen, I guess we'll settle for whatever we get so long as Disney doesn't go too far off the rails.

Though, I'd probably watch a 'That One Guy In The Tower On Yavin 4' movie.

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