Ever since the heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, graters, etc... started working on the little parcel of land on Lawton's smelliest corner, we've talked a lot about what could be going in there. Of course, staying true to Lawton's history of predicting new businesses, the typical rumors were there... Best Buy has to be the most enduring of all consumer guesses. You have to remember they started this project back when Best Buy was still a thriving business. Now they're on the decline as you can buy everything they offer online at cheaper prices.

The other hilariously bad rumor that floated around for a while was 38th and Lee would be the new home of a Bass Pro/Cabela's outdoor world and yuppie angler shop. While that would be kind of awesome, just the population density of Lawton has us completely off Johnny Morris' radar. (That's the guy that started Bass Pro and now owns both BP and Cabela's)

So what's it going to be? A field... for now.

Some say it's the home of the current site where your city councilors store their respect for the local constituency. Lay thine eyes upon it and see it is barren.

Maybe it's the place we're supposed to drop off our trash since the city council is cutting us down to once per week at a twice weekly price. Then again, it'd make more sense to drop it off on their own front lawns... Fun fact, addresses of elected officials are public on the City of Lawton website.

There's really no telling how long that field is going to sit there, empty in need of an MSMA application, but when it doesn't finally become a developed area, lets hope for something useful to all. I would say another local grocery store to compete with Walmart - price wars are great for us, the consumers - but the local non-Walmart grocery stores either can't compete on those low prices, or their content knowing you'll pay whatever you have to to not add to the Walton bottom line.

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