In this world, you can recycle most anything. Poo is included in that list. It's a great fertilizer, and you can harvest that brown gold from a bunch of species, including humans. If you've ever fertilized your lawn with Milorganite, you've used human poo to grow your grass, and that's ok. The question of whether it works like they say it does is still in the air, but results seem positive up to this point.

The lady above has found a unique twist on moose poop. Those little brown jelly beans that you find all over The North. Most people will typically use them as good, although stinky fire-starters, but this lady makes art with them. Whether it's a new poo-poo-clock, a decorative and unsanitary mobile, wreaths, pens, etc... There's really nothing I can legitimately add to the topic, I've never worked in that medium, but it can't be fun. Perhaps she has sensory super powers. Either way, I don't see it catching on, but at the same time, I kind of want something she crafts just to hang in the shop.

If you do find that you'd like to try, here's how to make something useful from most any herbivore scat.

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