Surely you've seen the Oklahoma grandma -vs- Cashion PD earlier this week... But nothing can prepare for the pure awesomeness that is Live PD's OHP tweeker clip above from two weeks ago. You see, even though you've seen them around town, motorized bicycles aren't allegedly legal. One thing leads to another, and the chase is on.

You can literally see this poor OHP officer die a little on the inside when he finally says "I guess I'm in pursuit of a, bicycle..." But the hilarity holds off. This clip has everything!

  • Crazy Tweeker
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Wrestling
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Loss of Dentures
  • Foot Pursuit
  • Drug Parephenalia
  • Outstanding Warrents
  • Etcetera!

I wouldn't, in a million years, ever click over to watch an episode of Live PD... but if this is what the average Tulsa OHP interaction is like, I'll be setting the DVR up shortly!


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