I moved to Lawton just a few years after the turn of the century. It was still a gritty town with a tough reputation. Dive bars lined the old streets, but it was full of charm. Nobody knew their neighbors, and that was a good thing. But things sure have changed in the last fifteen years.

That epic row of dive bars are gone. In their place stands a Hilton and some dollar stores. The area is nice now and features the only smooth road in the entire city (outside of the "nice" neighborhoods where the city councilors live... Funny how that works). But that's not the extent of the change. People have changed, or at the least, maybe I have. Maybe we all have.

Show of hands, how many times has someone waved you through a four-way stop sign? Even though they had the right-of-way. It's annoying, but it's also kind of nice that people like that still exist. It wasn't nearly as common as that even a decade ago, and I'm not even sure what happened.

How about this... You've had a long and demanding week at work. So much so you didn't have a chance to mow the grass, but when you get home, it's freshly mowed. (side bar - why do we use "too" to emphasize, but not "soo?" Seems like it would be appropriate) Alternatively, how many times have you mowed a neighbors lawn for them? Happens to me all the time, sort of. I have the nicest yard on the block, so mine is always mowed. And because my neighbor is really old, I mow his too just mine will look better. He always insists on paying me back by mowing mine, and as nice as that is, between you and me, I wish he wouldn't, because no self-respecting man lets another man mow his lawn.

Guy Code.

But the video above is ridiculously accurate for just about every town in Oklahoma, to an extent. While you're young, you don't pay any attention to that stuff. But as you mature, you start to enjoy being a neighbor and trying your best to be helpful. Not because you get it in return... but because it's the right thing to do I suppose.

So here's your chance to get it off your chest. What is a super nice, yet super annoying thing that your neighbors do to you?


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