On Oct. 22, brutal death metal got a little too brutal when fans' throats were slashed during Broken Hope's set as part of the 'No Salvation' 2013 tour with Deicide in El Paso, Texas. Reports indicated that three fans in total had their throats slashed with a box cutter and, luckily, all three were in stable condition following the attack. We are happy to report on the current condition of one of the healing victims, Julio Serrano.

As seen in the picture above, Serrano is holding a sign that says, "Thanks Broken Hope!!! Doing better now!" He is wearing a Broken Hope shirt and has a slew of the band's merchandise laid out across his bed. The band has stated, "Broken Hope sent a special BH care-package to Julio Serrano. We wanted to lift Julio's spirits and let him know we genuinely support and care about him. If this photo says anything, Julio Serrano is doing much better! Cheers and the best of health to you, Julio!!!"

Loudwire would like to extend well wishes to Juilo as well as the two other victims in the attack.

Following this incident, Broken Hope were thrown off the 'No Salvation' tour by Deicide mainman Glen Benton, and a war of words ensued. Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner trashed Benton in an official statement (which has since been rescinded, but can be found at Metal Injection) slandering Benton as "egomaniacal" and "unprofessional" along with a host of other insults. Benton came on the Metal Sucks podcast to give a full explanation of what had happened, going on to explain how Broken Hope continuously violated protocols until the situation reached a boiling point. Since then, both sides have reached out to each other and put the drama behind them, with Broken Hope stating that “friendship and music are all that matters.”


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