Back in the 80's, we had tons of epic movies and villians. Freddy, Jason, Gremlins, Cher, etc... but nothing really creeped me out quite like Tim Curry. It was his role in this specific movie to be quite honest, but to be fair, I was a really little kid.

Back before we had the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there weren't very many kid-friendly witches and warlocks flicks. The only one I can remember was an 80's "classic" called The Worst Witch. My sister, two years my elder, was obsessed with this movie. We both shared in the habit of picking one movie as a favorite, and watching it everyday after school. It was routine for both of us. My favorite movie was Ernest Goes To Camp. (Which I will defend to the death as still being a good flick, and the only good Ernest movie) Her favorite was this movie. I still watched it often, because you know, routines and whatnot... but that doesn't change the fact that Tim Curry is a creepy dude.

Of course, in the natural way of life in growing up, I've come to appreciate his many other roles that he played in the 90's... but still, he's creepy. Whether it's him playing the original O.G. Pennywise in "It" or countless other creepy roles, the dude still gives me the creeps.

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