Times of Grace, the band starring Killswitch Engage members Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz and Envy on the Coast drummer Dan Gluszak, have just released a music video for the stirring new song "Medusa."

This latest single offers a wider perspective on the band's second album, Songs of Loss and Separation, leaning toward heavier sounds than the ones presented on the soulful "The Burden of Belief," which came out in late May.

With "Medusa," Times of Grace maintain the familiar vibe of pain and agony, but utilize more brutish moments, namely Leach's gravely screams and some weighty rhythm riffs as he and Dutkiewicz paint with larger brushstrokes to further convey the themes behind the record.

"'Medusa' is one of the heavier tracks on the record," said Dutkiewicz. "It definitely keeps within the theme of the record since it's about a broken/abusive relationship. We hope you guys dig it."

Leach added, "'Medusa' is about betrayal, abuse, and deceit. It's a story about the dark side of the soul and the struggle to tear away from those who feed off of your heart. When faced with these types of people and situations, there is a battle to not allow it to destroy a part of your soul and change you. This song is a testimony of that internal warfare of killing of the beast and taming the demons that remain in the aftermath. It's about finding a way to keep your heart and your spirit alive after being broken and beaten down."

Watch the video for the new track (directed by As I Lay Dying's Nic Hipa) at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics below as well. Look for Songs of Loss and Separation to drop on July 16 and pre-order your copy here.

Times of Grace, "Medusa" Lyrics

In the clutches of the serpent struggling to breathe
The drone of darkness plays the hymn of the serpentine
I felt the life escape my body and my soul
Upon the neck of my innocence
Watch it hang by the gallows slow

Trapped in her stare — Medusa
Turning my heart into stone
My cross to bear — Medusa

Turn away from her face
With a touch and a whisper she'll lay you to waste
She slithers and gives herself to the forbidden one
So cold the grip of betrayal I've become undone

Trapped in her stare — Medusa
Turning my heart into stone
My cross to bear — Medusa
You won't kill the love in me
Trapped in her stare — Medusa

She breathed her first breath her eyes set to slow death
It captured, enraptured me — it was deception at best
Slithering serpent succubus silent
Her entrapment is so clever it doesn't feel violent
But in time when clutches tighten
To smother to take the will of her prey
So I pray for deliverance
I cried out to the skies
Release me and give me the wisdom to read lies
After chapter upon chapter I began to regain my strength
To break the cycle of this venomous refrain
And I will live again

You won't kill the love in me
You won't kill the love in me
From demon eyes I'm finally free
You won't kill the love in me

Times of Grace, "Medusa" Music Video

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