I think it's a universal thought that the majority of everyone believes they come from a small town. That's only natural considering most move to larger cities. I know it's weird to say Lawton is a larger city, but compared to my hometown of 30k, it's a metropolis.

The biggest complaint of small towns? Everybody knows all about your business. This was my complaint too.

My parents organized the junior baseball league for a decade or so while I was playing, so they knew everybody in town. As such, my parents heard all about what I was doing all the time from everybody. I couldn't get away with anything as a young man.

So what do we do? We grow up, move out, and enjoy living in bigger cities across the country. I did that too, but after Corpus Christie, Houston, and OKC I realized Lawton is plenty big enough for me. Big enough for good wings and bbq, but small enough it doesn't take an hour to get anywhere.

When it comes to Oklahoma's small towns though, there's plenty to choose from. If you were to Google it yourself, you'd see that there are somewhere between 580-700 towns and cities in this state. It might actually confuse you with being such a big gap, but it has to do with incorporated vs unincorporated places.... the town still exists, but only for a family or two in most cases.

Before you keep saying you're from a small town, here are the smallest communities in Oklahoma.

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