In 2013, Tom Keifer branched off from Cinderella for his first solo record. The Way Life Goes enjoyed solid success and he's continued to tour off the disc as well as the 2017 expanded edition of the album. But where does that leave Keifer in terms of Cinderella? In a new chat with All That Shreds, the singer-guitarist states that he doesn't envision a reunion taking place.

"I’m pleased where I’m at now. There’s been a lot of issues over the course of decades and build up that is beyond repair at this point. So, there won’t be any reunion," states Keifer. "I am renewed and inspired and loving the band that I’m in now and are working on and what we’re doing. We’re having a good time, and the new music’s been received well."

He continued, "It’s been unexpected because the first year of it started slow and we just stuck with it. I think that’s the key to anything if you’re happy doing something and you love it, and it inspires you. You do it for that reason not how many people are in the room or how much money you make and then if you continue to do it for the right reason which it’s something you love, and you inspire you’ll see around the corner and have the success. But I think it starts with the right reasons, and I always felt the chemistry. Everyone’s dedication to the new band to this has always felt like for the right reasons."

Just last year, Keifer opened up a bit about the lack of Cinderella activity, telling Rock Revolt Magazine, "Well, the truth of the matter is, there have been some issues with Cinderella within the ranks of Cinderella for years now. Going back decades. They came to a head in 2012. We took some pretty extreme measures to right the ship and fix things, and we made a pact as a band in 2012 that we would not do anything as a band until the issues were resolved. That’s how much it came to a head. The issues are unresolved, so that’s all I can say about that." At the time he stated that there hadn't been much contact with the band and referred to Cinderella being on an "extended hiatus."

As for his solo career, Keifer told All That Shreds that it's been an enjoyable experience so far. "When we started playing some of those bigger shows it felt like being a kid again," said the singer. "It was like wow look what we did, but we just pulled up, and we get here. Now we’re top of the bill on all the big festivals, and it’s been enjoyable to grow something new out there."

Keifer has a handful of December holiday shows this month and has already booked some stage time in January and April of next year. Stay up to date with his touring here.

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