Michele Bachmann has now been told by Tom Petty that his song ‘American Girl’ is off limits for her presidential campaign.

Petty’s outspoken protectiveness of his music is certainly nothing new — in the ’80s, he engaged in a protracted public legal battle with his former label, MCA, over rising record prices, and more recently, he asked the Bush campaign to refrain from using his songs at campaign events.

According to Neil King of the Wall Street Journal, Petty contacted the Bachmann camp with a letter outlining his request — and, King reports, she has complied. Now the search is presumably on for a new campaign theme song. Any suggestions for the presidential hopeful?

Petty has been down this road before. He threatened to sue George W. Bush if he didn’t stop using his hit ‘I Won’t Back Down.’

This isn’t the first time a candidate has been denied use of a song. In 2008, Heart refused to let Sarah Palin use ‘Barracuda’ when she was running for vice president. Tom Scholz of Boston also asked Mike Huckabee to stop using ‘More Than a Feeling’ when he ran for president, as well.