Too Close To Touch vocalist Keaton Pierce has died "suddenly and unexpectedly" due to "a medical condition he had been dealing with privately," according to the band.
The news was delivered in a social media post by the band. It reads as follows:
To all of the people who’s lives were positively affected by the music of Too Close To Touch. We wish we had a better way to break this news. Our friend & brother Keaton passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, just a short time ago due to a medical condition he had been dealing with privately. We are shaken and saddened and speechless. We all relied on Keaton to put words to feelings like these and convey them in a way that was undeniably one of a kind. Keaton lives on through these songs that we made together. He lives on through that feeling you get when you listen to.
Pierce became Too Close To Touch's lead vocalist in 2013, introduced by mutual friends. Together, they released 2015's Nerve Endings, 2016's Haven't Been Myself, and the four Vol. EP, I'm Hard To Love, But So Are You.
Since the news, fans and fellow musicians have taken to social media to pay tribute to the Pierce.
So What?! music festival said, "RIP Keaton Pierce Here's a clip of [Too Close To Touch] performing back in 2016. My heart goes out to all of his friends, bandmates, family, [fans], and every band that knew and loved him."
Atilla's Chris Fronzak wrote, "God damn there's been so much trauma the past few days.... my friend Keaton Pierce died... Taylor Hawkins died.... kid died in orlando falling out of a ride that's right by my house.... I got accidentally drugged yesterday.... wtf is happening"

Evan Couture wrote, "Today is too hard. [Keaton Pierce] you were a man with an incredible voice but you were so much more than that. I remember hanging in vans and showing each other our demos, it was so clear to me how much you loved music. May you Rest In Peace. Love you brother."
Our hearts go out to Pierce's loved ones and the entire Too Close To Touch family.

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