At long last, Tool's Adam Jones has finally struck a deal to launch his first-ever signature guitar. Partnering with Gibson, the guitarist has unveiled two limited edition runs of his oft-used 1979 Gibson Les Paul. A seven-minute video for a soundtrack composed by Jones (and featuring Tool bandmates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor) accompanied the announcement.

"I’m proud to finally show the world the first release in our multi-year partnership with Adam Jones," said Cesar Gueikian of Gibson Brands. "Adam is one of the most talented and sonically innovative guitarists; I call him modern riff lord and sonic architect. His creativity and technical ability in music, visual effects, production, videography and beyond is second to none and our collaboration is a true reflection of Adam."

Two variations of the 1979 Gibson Les Paul in Antique Silverburst are being made — VOS (Vintage Original Specifications) as well as an aged and signed version, of which only 79 were made. Some of the specifics of the guitar include, per a press release, "a hand-wound Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup, a Dimarzio volume potentiometer, and custom capacitors."

The release further notes that the diamond-shaped strap buttons on Jones' guitar were "painstakingly recreated" in addition to affixing a small, round mirror to the front of the headstock.

"The Gibson Les Paul Custom Adam Jones 1979 Silverburst Aged replica version is the first-ever artist collaboration done at the newly created Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab. I hope that fans fall in love with the guitars, starting with this initial release," concluded Gueikian.

View photos of both versions of the guitar toward the bottom of the page. Additionally, hear "The Witness" composed by Jones in the video below.

The aged and signed guitar is retailing at $9,999 while the VOS edition is selling for $5,999. View each listing for more details.

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