Want to hear a new riff from Tool guitarist Adam Jones? The virtuosic axeman makes a habit of recording new riffs right after he's come up with them, and in this recently posted video, Jones shares a short piece of his creative mind.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been a recent update as to when Tool will release their fifth full-length album. Tool fans are like no other, so it isn't difficult to imagine dedicated followers literally praying for a new album as they drift off to sleep night after night.

Though this new riff from Adam Jones may simply remain as an interlude during live performances of 'Hooker with a Penis,' it's still awesome to see the guitarist jamming out new ideas:


There's no mistaking that sound. Adam Jones' new riff is 100-percent Tool. Also, much respect for continuing to play despite a sliced finger. Getting a paper cut-like gash from a guitar string is no joke.

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