Uh, SPOILERS for Top Gun, I guess.

So Top Gun, the 32-year-old movie (faints) that made Tom Cruise a mega-star, centered on his character’s friendship with a fellow fighter pilot codenamed Goose, played by Anthony Edwards. And in an emotional scene that I still weep openly about to this day, Goose is killed. (#RIPGoose.)

Fast-forward to 2018. Now, improbably, a Top Gun sequel (called Top Gun: Maverick, after Cruise’s character) is in the works. And it appears the film will focus on Maverick mentoring Goose’s son. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

But the highly coveted role for the young men of Hollywood this time around is the son of Maverick’s wingman and best pal, Goose. Played by Anthony Edwards in the Tony Scott-directed original, the character provided an emotional spine to the movie when he is killed by accident and Maverick blames himself. The original featured Goose’s son as a young boy, with Meg Ryan playing his mother.

THR says it is now down to three finalists for the role of Goose Jr. AKA Baby Goose: Nicholas Hoult, Glen Powell, and Miles Teller.

All three are talented actors, but this should be a layup: Only one of those three men looks like he is blood related to Anthony Edwards, and it is Glen Powell. Also: Glen Powell is great. They should cast Glen Powell. (Him or Jeremy Renner, and then say that Jeremy Renner is in line to inherit the franchise, but then two movies later you just write Jeremy Renner out entirely.)

Top Gun: Maverick opens on July 12, 2019.

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