So lets say you're an adventurous traveler looking to experience something new for the first time. You're in the Swiss Alps, there's a bunch of people hang gliding, and you decide it's something you should check off your list.

Step 1: Pay the worlds most neglectful instructor for a lesson.
Step 2: Hold on for dear life.

This guy must have the forearm strength of someone high on PCP, because there is no way anyone I know could have held on long enough to make that crash landing. It's like that scene from Ironman 3 where RDJ electrifies everyone's arms so they can't let go of the other person/people falling from Air Force One when the bomb went off.

If you're joining us from the NSA now that AFO and 'Bomb' were in the same sentence, here's your warm welcome. No terrorist stuff here, just hit play and enjoy. Shoot me an address, I'll send your sticker to, well, wherever it is you're eavesdropping on us from.

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