A long lost gem of a show is making a very small comeback with a feature length film. Between Two Ferns is stacked with talents and the usual comedy suspects from a decade ago. With the combination of Will Ferrel and Zack Gali-whatever his name is, it's bound to be a slow-dying letdown.

Don't get me wrong. Between Two Ferns was great in the five minute format. Both comedic giant actors were great in their prime. But when you stack two comedians together in the same project, you'll expect brilliance but more often than not get a giant letdown of comedic-competition. Look at the difference between Dumb & Dumber and Dumb & Dumber Two... One was brilliant, the other was a project that should have never made it off the wide-ruled, crayon scribbled paper it was written on.

That doesn't mean this won't be a solid outing for Netflix. They do have a few gems, but by and large, the majority of their "original" content is lame. Who wants to see another exclusive standup performance from someone you don't know? Yeah, those suck... but do they perform? Sure. You can only watch the same good stuff so often before you force yourself into something new. And at that low point in your entertainment catalog, even marginal humor passes for humor because you're just so laughingly starved.

Lets hope Will Ferrel doesn't manage to ruin this like the did Anchorman 2.

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