Trent Reznor, the mastermind behind the How to Destroy Angels project, which also features his wife Mariqueen Maandig, issued a short and simple tweet about the status of the band’s upcoming effort. It’s good news, since it means because more progress is being made and we’re closer to hearing the finished product.

Reznor posted the following tweet yesterday (Feb. 10): “The next to the last day of finishing mixing the new How To Destroy Angels record. Excited about this!”

If Trent’s excited, we’re excited.

A few months back, Reznor expressed the desire to perform shows (but not year-long tours) with How to Destroy Angels and he was looking forward to introducing his new project’s recorded output to longtime fans of his general portfolio of work. He expressed a little apprehension, which he seemed to like, saying, “It’s scary and the possibility of failure exists, so that’s exciting to me.”

There’s no exact release date on the How to Destroy Angels album at this time, but that’s okay. Anything good is worth waiting for and Trent Reznor is not usually one to disappoint.


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