Hurricane Irma is currently rolling through Florida, and Trivium's Matt Heafy has been updating us on where he's been at in the chaos. As an Orlando, Fla. resident, Heafy was right in the middle of the hurricane's path. For the many fans worried about whether or not Heafy would be okay, the frontman has been updating fans with his current status of how he's doing.

He posted a photo of his home all boarded up initially, each window covered. Before the storm actually happened, he had a meal out with his family at a restaurant, the last night before the power would shut off. He then posted a collage of what he did that day, including getting a generator and several propane tanks. He would later repost a video from his wife's account showing the lights going off with the caption, "It's been a long time since we rode out a hurricane. And never this bad as an adult. Trying to remain calm, but it's tough. We are safe in our home, but the anxiety of the noise can be overwhelming. Thank you all for the well wishes. We will be okay, just have to remain calm and keep The Office on the iPad (our happy place)."

After the storm passed, the damage seemed to be minimal. He'd later post an update on Twitter, writing "Checkin. Power out. Small leaks in 2 spots we've noticed. Front yard looks like the battle of Endor. Rainy/windy as the apocalypse. We good." He'd later step outside of his house for a picture of the road.

It's good to know Matt and his family are safe. Trivium are still slated for their upcoming co-headliner tour with Arch Enemy. You can see the tour dates for that right here.

Check out Matt Heafy's updates from the hurricane below.

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