Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has confirmed he has tested positive for COVID-19 despite having already been vaccinated. He did, however, admit that he is not feeling too unwell, which he credited to the efficacy of the vaccine.

"Welp. [The COVID-19 virus] Went from a non-vaccinated person to [my wife] Ashley (vaccinated) to the kids (unvaccinated) to me (vaccinated)," Heafy shared on social media yesterday (July 4) alongside a partially redacted photo of the test results.

Although he did not specify which brand of vaccine he received, the Trivium vocalist and guitarist stated, "Thankfully due to being vaccinated it merely feels like a tour cold."

"My dad however got sick without a vaccine and is now 12 weeks into a very terrible recovery with lung/ heart/ liver issues," he further detailed.

Even though Heafy was not feeling optimal, he remained committed to his daytime profession of streaming on Twitch, and added, "I outta [sic] be good in a day or two. See y’all on stream tomorrow regardless!"

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) website acknowledges that a fully vaccinated individual may still be able to contract COVID-19 and that the intended purpose is to "protect people from getting sick or severely ill with COVID-19," meaning it is less likely a virus-stricken individual will require hospitalization or advanced medical treatment.

Loudwire wishes the entirety of the Heafy family a full and speedy recovery from COVID-19.

Catch Trivium on the road this summer as a special guest on the Megadeth and Lamb of God co-headlining North American tour with openers In Flames. See a list of all upcoming dates here.

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